12 Types of Personal Lubricants

November 25, 2020 4 min read

12 Types of Personal Lubricants

Personal Lubricants | The Condom People

Before we go any further, we have some advice:

  • Remember to patch test lubricants you haven't used before, just to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction.
  • You can never use too much lubricant.
  • Not all lubricants are safe to use with condoms.


With anti-bacterial properties, Aloe Vera personal lubricants add hydration to your skin and may help reduce skin irritation that some glycerine-based lubricants may cause. Aloe Vera is generally a water-based lubricant, so it’s safe to use with condoms.

#Tip: Put your Aloe Vera personal lubricant in the fridge for a cooling yet stimulating experience.


Cream-Based Lubricant

Cream-based personal lubricants are designed to take your fun to a whole new level. Unlike silicone- and water-based lubricants, these thick, non-greasy formulas provide more than just wet slipperiness, they also help reduce unwanted friction burns.

#Tip: Often not suitable for use with latex condoms. Use at room temperature.


Desensitising Lubricant

There are many options for desensitising personal lubricants on the market. Many desensitising lubes contain clove oil - a mild numbing agent that minimises discomfort, allowing you to make the most of every experience. It’s often available in both water-based and silicone options. Always patch test before using. 

#Tip: Some of these lubes really chill you down, use just a little to start with.


Flavoured Lubricant

Water-based flavoured lubes will take your sex life up a notch or two. Coming in many flavours, from Banana to Chocolate, these lubes will make oral sex and rimming more fun. Many brands sell flavoured lubricants, but you should always try and pay a little more for a quality flavour. You really do get what you pay for with these.

#Tip: Use with unflavoured condoms, don't mix flavoured condoms and lube. Yuk!


Hybrid Lubricant

Hybrid personal lubricants are primarily water-based and contain a small amount of silicone. Hybrid lubricants provide the benefits of both water-based and silicone-based lubricants. They are versatile, like water-based lubricants, but they are also long-lasting. They don't dry out as fast as other types, meaning you can continue having fun for longer.

#Tip: These can be ok to use with sex toys as silicone levels are low. However, make sure to spot-test first.


Massaging Lubricant

Non-glycerine, water-based lubricants are good for massaging as well as for sexual activities. However, they tend to dry out faster than other types. Silicone-based lubricants are good for massage and sex as they don’t contain any water, so they won’t dry out as easily. Why not try a warming or cooling massage oil or a flavoured lubricant to have more fun?

 #Tip: Make sure to check that you can use your choice of massaging lubricant with condoms.


Anal Lubricant

Anal sex usually requires more lube than other forms of penetrative sex. The anal passage is not self-lubricating, so needs to be given some love and attention. There are many anal lubricants specially designed to help make the experience more comfortable. For extreme anal sex, there are also specially designed desensitising lubes.

#Tip: Use lots of lube for anal sex!


Natural Lubricant

If you’re prone to infections or are extra sensitive, it may be a good idea to use natural lubricants. You might want to steer clear of lubes that contain glycerine. It’s a common ingredient, but it can raise some women’s risk of infection. Parabens can also disrupt hormones. There are plenty of natural lubricants available, just check they are 100% natural.

#Tip: Just because a lube contains ingredients that are plant-based, or non-synthetic, doesn’t mean that they are non-irritating. Make sure to patch-test before use.


Petroleum Lubricant

An old-style lubricant, petroleum jelly, is an oil-based ointment that people can use to moisturise and soften their dry skin or lips. Petroleum lubricants may work as a sexual lubricant but will damage latex condoms, therefore increasing the risk of infection and unwanted pregnancy. It is better to use a water- or glycol-based lubricant.

#Tip: Just don't use it for sex! Use it on your lips as a lip balm and leave it at that.


Silicone-Based Lubricant

Have you’ve got the stamina for a long-lasting sex session then silicone-based lubricants will be a good match. Silicone lubes are thicker and glossier than water-based lubes, meaning you can often last longer. Silicon-based lube isn’t easily absorbed into your skin, meaning it doesn’t dry out as quickly but is gentle enough for vaginal, anal, oral sex. It’s also condom-friendly.

#Tip: Do not use silicone lubricants with silicone sex toys.


Warming & Cooling Lubricant

Warming and cooling lubes are such a good and simple way to dabble in basic temperature play. Adding heat can intensify feelings and make things tingle. Warming and cooling lubes are usually water-based, but there are some silicone ones around too.  

#Tip: Make sure to start with small amounts, so you know the sensation is enjoyable.


Water-Based Lubricant

A great water-based lube is useful for a multitude of reasons. These lubricants are universally accepted as the gold standard; they are easy to wash off, condom-safe, toy-safe, and come in different consistencies. A good water-based lubricant may be used for all types of sex. 

#Tip: Water-based lubricants may dry out quicker; you may need to add a bit more lube as you play.

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