7 Fact Busting Myths About Condoms


7 Fact Busting Myths About Condoms

7 Fact Busting Myths About Condoms

Where can we start on this topic? There are so many articles published, but safety is always the main concern. The male condom is certainly the most effective protection you can use, both for avoiding unwanted pregnancies and for exposure to an STD or STI – both of which can be extremely unpleasant experiences. Enjoy safe sex, it is the only pleasurable and almost worry-free way. Birth control, such as the pill or IUD may be acceptable to prevent pregnancy, but it does not protect against infectious diseases of both the male and female organs.

Are all condoms the same?

No, they are not – you need to purchase condoms from reputable suppliers such as chemists, but sexual health clinics (known as GUMS) or birth control centres can provide them free of charge, for anyone of any age. These types of clinics are also invaluable for advice on your sexual activity. You can also visit ‘young people’s clinics’, even under the age of 18. There is no age barrier when it comes to sexual health.

Condoms should have a valid trademark, such as European CE or BSI kite mark. If they do not, then they are not approved for usage in the UK – do not be fooled into buying cheap condoms – the result can be disastrous.

However, if you want a larger range of options for condoms such as sizes, ribbed, flavoured etc, The Condom People will be happy to help you from our premium quality products.

Do condoms last forever?

When buying or getting condoms free of charge, look at the ‘use by’ date, and that the pack has not been opened or tampered with. Any damage to the condoms can result in consequences that you really will not want. Sounds sensible, but make sure you practice it. If for some reason you are in a ‘sexual famine’, do not just reach for the packet you have had in the drawer for ages - they could well be warped or perished.

You can use two condoms for extra protection

Definitely not! Condoms are more likely to split if you try to wear two. Put the condom on safely and properly, rolling it down correctly. It should go on relatively easily. Avoid having anything sharp on your hands as it is possible to make a small tear in the condom with jewellery.

If I have a large penis, the condom is likely to split

It is not easy to split a condom unless you do not handle it properly – besides which condoms come in varying sizes. If you do happen to have a large penis, you can buy extra large ones from The Condom People

Our range of condoms is very comprehensive, you will find whatever you need. One size or design does not suit everyone, nor fit everyone. The most important thing is that they are the right fit, not too small or too large, as accidents can happen.

You can use a condom more than once

Another serious ‘no-no’. Neither can you turn a condom inside out. Traces of semen will remain on a used condom, so you must dispose of it after one use.

Only men can use condoms

Another myth – there are female condoms on the market, which are worn inside the vagina. However, there have not been enough studies carried out as to whether they are as effective as the male version. Female condoms need to be accurately placed, so that semen cannot seep into the vagina. Research so far shows that they are slightly less effective than the male version (95% as opposed to 98%), but more in-depth studies do need to be made.

Is it ok to flush condoms down the toilet?

Latex condoms should not be flushed down the toilet but wrapped up and disposed of in a bin of some kind. They can play havoc with septic tanks and consequently the environment. The used condoms eventually reach the sewage plant and can be deposited in our seas and waterways – we need to respect our planet.

Hopefully, these truths about condoms have helped you, as opposed to some of the outrageous claims made. Above all, practice safe and enjoyable sex.


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