Condom Games for Bridal Showers and Hen Parties

April 17, 2020 3 min read

Condom Games for Bridal Showers and Hen Parties - The Condom People

Condom Games for Bridal Showers and Hen Parties

Whilst condoms are an essential part of healthy sexual activity, there is a fun side to them as well. Creating innovative games to play using condoms will also help those who don’t necessarily like the idea of using them during sex and enable them to relax more and regard them as part of life’s pleasures. Protecting against unwanted pregnancies or STIs is paramount in this day and age.

Condom games are not just fun, they can be educational, particularly for the younger generation. Learning about how to use a condom correctly and to be able to talk freely about their purpose, will encourage responsibility towards safe sex, and reduce any embarrassment or stigma associated with them.

There are many varieties of condoms on the market today, each with different durability, flexibility, size, colour and flavour which can assist anyone to get used to them and enjoy their sexual encounters. So, let’s have fun!

Get ready for your games

It is probably fair to say that most games do point towards women having fun at bridal showers and hen parties, special birthday parties and fun nights with the girls. Men shouldn’t be excluded though!

Prepare for your games by getting a good supply of condoms, lubricants and any other props you may need. No point in only having a few items then realising you can’t play the game! Work out whether you need varying colours, flavours or strengths for each game (The Condom People supply multi-packs which can be useful in this instance).

Between the legs!

You may remember when you were young, playing a game where you had to pass a balloon held between your legs on to your teammate. You can adapt this game by using a condom, either by blowing it up or filling it with water. It is much trickier than using a balloon, and quite hilarious.

Guess the flavour!

A simple game, this one. Buy some packs of multi-flavoured sweets that are wrapped, something like Opal Fruits or other kind of chews, and even bubble gum. Buy some co-ordinating flavoured condoms such as strawberry, banana, mint, bubble-gum, all of which are available from us at The Condom People.   Empty all the sweets on to the floor and mix them around. Take a non-see through bag and put each condom into the bag. Your guests then have a lucky dip to pick out a condom, and then it’s a race to unroll it and fill it with their chosen flavoured sweets. You need to work out how many will fill the condom though!  Give away a prize of their flavour to the winner!

Condom Catapults

This is a fun game to play outside on the patio or lawn (mind the neighbours!). Fill some condoms full of water and put on a high bench or table. Give each of your guests a catapult (cheap ones) and some marbles or small stones, and they need to burst the condom using their weapon! Make sure other guests stay at a distance, if anyone is a bad shot!

You can also play a similar game ‘Condom Coconut Shy’, but you will need some poles or a level fence for this – use soft sponge balls for your guests to throw at the condoms and knock them off!

Pin the tail

A good game for a hen party. Draw a large picture of a male body and mount it on the wall. Blindfold your guests and spin them round before they begin. Spin them round so they are a little out of balance. The participants need to pin a slightly inflated condom on to the correct part of the anatomy – you will be surprised where it ends up!

Alternatively, buy an inflatable male doll and provide sticky tape so they can attach the condom in the correct place. If you want to make it more educational as well as fun, purchase a male doll that has an inflatable penis. Then you can see how experienced they are in attaching a condom.

Condom Cucumber Caper

Pretty obvious what you do here. It’s also a more ‘educational’ game to see how people master the art of unrolling a condom onto a cucumber correctly. When the condom is in place, get them to draw a face of their loved one on to it. If you have quite large cucumbers, you may have to get our Extra-Large Condoms. Alternatively, you can play the same game with courgettes or even bananas.

There are plenty of other games available such as card and board games, but learning how to handle condoms properly gives much more advantage to your future sex life.

We have created a special party bundle so you can play these Condom Games for Bridal Showers and Hen Parties and experience different condom styles and flavoured condoms.


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