Coronavirus and Sex - What you need to know

April 01, 2020 3 min read

Coronavirus and Sex - What you need to know | The Condom People
Is it safe to have sex during the coronavirus outbreak?
If you and your sexual partner are living in the same house then you should be ok to have sex.   If however one of you are displaying Coronavirus symptoms or suspect you are feeling unwell because of Coronavirus you should follow your countries government advice on social distancing.

#Tip: If you have Symptoms this means, no sex and omni-masturbation only


Sex and dating apps?
It's not advisable to be hooking up with anyone who does not live in your household because you risk passing on Coronavirus.  STI'S and contact tracing is hard enough for the NHS under the best of times, do not risk putting the NHS or its staff under further strain by increasing the number of Coronavirus because you couldn't control your sexual urges.  Even if neither of you have symptoms you could still be a carrier. 

#Tip: Heard of cybersex, use a video calling service, if you like an orgy use Houseparty and get dirty virtually


I had sex with someone new and now I have symptoms?
If you have had sex with someone or even simply kissed someone who has now developed symptoms you need to follow your countries government advice.  In essence you need to self isolate if your partner of the moment has developed symptoms.  The same goes for you and someone else, if you have symptoms then you need to tell other contacts you have symptoms and they will need to isolate.

#Tip: If your sexual contacts show symptoms, you need to isolate


I never used condoms before Coronavirus should I start to now?
Condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies and STI's spreading.  If you're debating using them, then start using them.   We are not here to lecture you on your sexual practices, but if not using a condom make sure you understand the risks

#Tip: If in doubt use a condom


If I touch my partners Penis or Vagina will I contract Coronavirus?
Essentially, any possibility of transfer of coronavirus - from your mouth to your hands, to genitals, to someone else's nose or mouth - increases the risk of passing on coronavirus.  If your living together the risk will be less than if it were a strangers genitals you were touching from another household. Obviously if you have Coronavirus symptoms you need to isolate so you can't touch them anyway.

#Tip: Symptoms, don't touch! - Stay Away!


If I have HIV am I more likely to catch Coronavirus?
Terrance Higgins trust has provided a full update which in essence states if you have HIV, are on regular medication which is suppressing your Viral load then you are at no more risk of contracting Coronavirus.  Make sure you continue to take your medication, don't put yourself at risk of meeting random strangers.

#Tip: Continue taking medications as prescribed, make sure you don't run out!


Can I still use sex toys?

If you're playing at home with your regular partner, then follow hygiene practices that keep your toys clean, especially if sharing.   If either of you have symptoms you need to isolate and as we don't know how long the virus will live on objects, you should not share toys.  Make sure as always toys are clean.  If you live alone, naturally carry on playing with your toys, but if you have previously shared them, get the cleaning products out and and give them a deep clean.

#Tip: Wash the toys, before, during and after to prevent infections of any type!


Can we practice sexual distancing outdoors?

Ok, so your staying two meters apart, you're not touching each other, so your unlikely to be at risk of catching Coronavirus and your definitely not going to get pregnant from a distance of two meters away.  Don't worry you won't catch an STI either.  More than likely though, you will be in trouble with the authorities and be breaking a law or two.   Also we're not sure how you can count outdoor sexual distancing as part of your regular exercise routine.

#Tip: Stay at Home, masturbate or have cybersex. If you must go outside use the garden shed with your partner but only a partner you live with.


I think I have an STI are clinics still open?

Clinics are open, but do check their websites for information.  Many screening clinics will now send a home testing kit.  You simply do the test, send it back and get contacted with the result.  If you're infected the clinic will advise next steps.

#Tip: Don't play with strangers, your then less likely to get an STI


Im a sex worker - Can I still work?

Unfortunately the answer is a clear no, we're in a lockdown which means, staying at home, social and sexual distancing from anyone not in your household or who has symptoms.  There are loads of opportunities till to make money by using online chat programs where people will pay to engage virtually with you. 

#Tip: No - There are plenty of online sites where virtual work is available


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