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August 07, 2020 7 min read

Without the right size condom, you will always struggle to wear a condom correctly. So this week, The Condom People wish to highlight a company that is placing maximum pleasure and safety at the forefront of their product innovation, as well as being Vegan-friendly!

But why does it matter if I have the right size condom? In our haste to quickly pick up some condoms from our local Boots or chemist, it is unlikely that your chosen condom will be the best option for you and your partner, leading to a less enjoyment sexual experience, and one that is less safe. This quick, last-minute decision is likely to lead to long-term impact as many people cite lack of comfortability as reasons to not wear a condom, which is more often an opinion derived from the experience of wearing a condom that is the wrong size for an individual's penis. As a result, the decision to not wear a condom in future encounters leaves many people vulnerable to STDs and unwanted pregnancies. In contrast, by being pre-emptive and researching which condom is right for you, you can ensure that you have enjoyable sex that is safe for you and your partner.  

Critically, the only way to protect against STDs is by using condoms, a key advantage over other contraceptives such as the Pill or the Intrauterine device.

Common Opinions

"Sensation is different and less intimate" is a common phrase when it comes to wearing a condom, but more often than not this issue is caused by wearing a condom that is too long meaning it bunches up at the bottom of the penis, a problem that researches have found affects 60-70% of men. This scenario is likely to cause a loss of erection and increase the difficultly of achieving orgasm.

Secondly, a common opinion is that wearing a condom is 'unsexy', but once again this is massively due to the chosen condom and how it functions on the penis. Whether it is too long, short, or wide, the outcome is that the condom will act as both a physical and visual barrier to having a 'sexy experience'.

Two quick key tips:

  • The condom should always cover the entire length of the erection, with no excess at the base of the head of the condom.
  • The width of the condom should be 'snug'. The penis is incredibly sensitive and thus can feel slight differences and irritants, as such by even being a few millimetres out, this can be detrimental to your condom experience.

Common Problems When Using a Condom

  • the condom is too short

  • the condom is too long

  • the condom is too tight

  • the condom is too loose

  • the condom is difficult to put on quickly

  • the condom slips or falls off during use

Despite limited research, evidence from the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States illustrate the significance of the number of males who are wearing a condom that is not appropriate for their penis, with feedback highlighting that condoms fall off during sex up to 5.4% of times, whilst in 13% of encounters the condom slips down the penis.

Simple search engine searches highlight how common this issue is with Bing, Yandex, and Google collectively generating over 22 million results for "Condom slipping off during sex". Even more so, as people are coming out of lockdown, The Condom People are watching as searches regarding 'condoms' and more importantly 'condom size topics' increase as people look for their next safe sexual adventure.

Most notably we have undergone keyword research with several keywords increasing in value as more people are searching these on Google, some of the ones we have noticed has included:

  • How condoms should fit
  • Condoms keep breaking
  • Condoms don't fit


A further survey of 2000 people by Superdrugfound that the fear of a condom breaking resulting in unintended pregnancy was feared equally by both men and women, ranking second. Whilst the fear of your partner having an STI ranked above, something that can be mitigated against, only by wearing the right size condom. 

What Does This Mean For You?

Ultimately this means that for those who may already be using a condom, it could be pointless if the condom is not secured around the penis in the correct position, leaving you vulnerable to STDs. Practising safe sex is increasingly important for young people, aged 15-24, who make up 63% of all chlamydia cases in the US, with female-chlamydia cases experiencing a 4.9% year on year increase promoting the CDC to implement new measures to combat this rise in HSV-1 infections.

But wearing the right condom is not just important for young people and those who are sexually active but are not in relationships, instead, condoms should also be an option for those in long-term relationships who wish to prevent unwanted pregnancies, as well as those who just wish to protect themselves.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that STDs can be transmitted through oral, vaginal and anal sex.


How Can Sizing Be More Effective?

1. Download the MY.SIZE Condom Sizing Guide

A one page PDF should load in a new tab upon clicking the above link. You should be promoted by the MY.SIZE logo at the top of the page.

If the above link does not work, the sizing guide can also be sourced by following this link.

2. Read the Size Guide Before Printing Out.

One of the key pieces of information on the size guide is regarding the printing format, it is critical that you print the page in "Actual Size" to ensure the measurement tape is printed in its original size, allowing you to get an accurate size.

3. Cut the MY.SIZE Measurement Tape Along the Dotted Line.

Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut along the dotted line, ensuring smooth edges.

4. Wrap the MY.SIZE Measuring Tape Around the Thickest Part of Your Erect Penis.

MY.SIZE condoms are straight and parallel in their design, as such it is best to measure around the thickness part of your erect penis, remembering that the feel should be snug so that the condom will not slip down the penis, but also not too tight that it cuts off circulation to the penis.

Use the additional horizontal line on the measurement tape as a measuring point.

5. MY.SIZE Works on Girth / Nominal Width Rather Than Length

MY.SIZE condoms work by measuring the penis circumference, from which you can understand the ideal condom nominal width for your penis.

It is best to measure more than once to be sure the fit works for you.

One suggestion is to try the condom size one up and one down to see if the slight difference in millimetres is more appropriate for you - remember that even the smallest margins can lead to significant improvement due to the great sensitivity of the penis.

But do not venture too far away from MY.SIZE's recommended size, remembering that more accurate size measurement is meant to prevent the potential of the condom slipping off or restricting you!

Girth or penis circumference is simply the condom's flat width multiplied by 2.

For the average male, condom width is more of an important measurement compared the penis length, despite the obvious popularity of length. The large majority of people will be well served with an average size length for a condom, where the major concerns are in the factor of width, remembering once again the common occurrence of the condom slipping down or off during sex, and the repercussions of this.

For those potentially looking for condoms bigger than average, we suggest checking out our bundle; the My Size Condoms - Multi Pleasure Condom Pack, featuring 16 premium MY.SIZE Condoms of both regular and large size with a length of 193mm - 223mm.

6. Match the Size and Colour

MY.SIZE condoms are available in 7 sizes in packs of 3, 10, or 36. Each size has a different corresponding colour, making repeat purchases easier, by checking the colour of the box, meaning there is no need for resizing.

MY.SIZE 47 condoms for a penis circumference of 9.5 to 10 cm - Dark Green

MY.SIZE 49 condoms for a penis circumference of 10 to 11 cm - Light Green

MY.SIZE 53 condoms for a penis circumference of 11 to 11.5 cm - Yellow

MY.SIZE 57 condoms for a penis circumference of 11.5 to 12 cm - Orange

MY.SIZE 60 condoms for a penis circumference of 12 to 13 cm - Red

MY.SIZE 64 condoms for a penis circumference of 13 to 14 cm - Pink

MY.SIZE 69 condoms for a penis circumference of 14 to 15 cm - Purple

If you are unsure about the type of fit for your penis, a typical girth size chart is:

  • a girth of less than 4.7″ needs a snug fit
  • a girth of 4.7–5.1″ needs a regular fit
  • a girth of 5.1–6″ needs a large fit

7. Alternative Solution

If you are unable to print out the above guide, or if you wish to use technology, MY.SIZE also provide a mobile app that you can use. This works in the same way as the printout guide: simply click here for the MY.SIZE measurement sizing guideand download the link.


More About MY.SIZE

As mentioned earlier, condoms can be largely unsexy as they kill the mood of when you are just getting close with your partner. MY.SIZE has considered this and innovated to create condoms that offer easy unrolling, keeping the passion alight between you and your partner at the decisive moment - further emphasising MY'SIZE's strong drive to maximise pleasure and safety between couples!

  • Vegan-Friendly.
  • Straight / Parallel Shape.
  • Teat-Ended.
  • Non-Spermicide Lubricant.
  • 0.070mm thickness.
  • Vanilla Scented.
  • High quality German-made.
  • Natural Latex.

Select from 7 available sizes: 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64 and 69.

Length Options: 160mm - 223mm

Nominal Width Options: 47mm - 69mm

Deliver maximum sensation today!

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Sizing Guide Downloads

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