How effective are condoms – what you need to know!

August 09, 2020 3 min read

Are Condoms Effective?

The Condom People - Are Condoms Effective

Lets start with an amusing fact – whilst the first commercially produced condoms entered our lives back in the 1850s, if we are to believe the annals of history, cave drawings and other documents show that a form of condom was used way back in the 11th Century! Needless to say, it’s great to know that condoms these days are far more sophisticated and reliable.

But seriously, condoms are the most effective aid to preventing pregnancy, but importantly the protection against the passing on of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Unwanted pregnancies are one thing but contracting an STI or STD can present a whole host of problems that you really do not want to experience. There is more of a stigma attached to sexual diseases, than unwanted or unexpected pregnancies, and a whole lot more embarrassment.

Condoms go by many names such as rubbers, or barriers, and can come in the form of male or female, the latter of which is inserted into the vagina. Condoms are supposed to be 98% effective in the prevention of pregnancies and STIs, but there can be a certain amount of varying opinions and vagaries surrounding this statistic, particularly when they are not used correctly, or are of inferior quality.

It is more common for the male sexual partner to take the lead in providing protection, even though more and more women are carrying condoms of one or the other types. Whilst casual sex is not always the best route to take, it is far better for women to carry some in their handbag on a night out, should that carefree moment occur. Casual sex, frankly and honestly, just happens, it is a fact.

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Facts you need to consider and busting the myths

Whilst condom statistics show that they are 98% effective, that fact is based upon the correct usage. If condoms are used and not properly placed on the penis, ripped, torn, or punctured in any way, then those statistics will decrease considerably.

Facts also state that condoms are 100% effective against contracting HIV – this is true but remember the secondary illness from sexual activity is HPV, centred around the scrotum area, which is obviously not protected by condoms. The main thing is to ensure that your condoms are of high quality and approved for sale in the UK. The Condom People can certainly assure you of that fact.

Female condoms carry a slightly lower percentage of protection, around 95% from unwanted pregnancies. However, the exposure to the risk of STIs is greater, so bear that in mind. Badly inserted female condoms carry a higher risk of both pregnancy and potential diseases.

Sex should be fun, but with minimal risk. With so many ‘extra fun’ condoms on the market, it can make it pleasurable for both parties. Just because a condom is flavoured, ribbed or glow in the dark, does not make it less safe if provided by a certified manufacturer – it is just more fun! These different styles of condom are no less effective than the standard ones.

Do not be fooled by all the other ‘birth control’ methods on the market – they are simply that and provide no protection against sexual diseases. If you want to have extra protection against pregnancy, then do use both methods. However, condoms still rule the world in terms of protecting against both situations. Birth control pills, IUDs and other devices can prevent pregnancy, but they will not prevent disease, which could in some circumstances, be fatal.

The truth about lubricants

When talking about the use and effectiveness of condoms, you also need to consider comfort for both partners. Most condoms do come with a slight coating of lubricant for easy use, but that does not mean the female organs will react accordingly. There can be dryness in the vaginal area, or even an allergic reaction, so care must be taken. No point in having painful and non-enjoyable sexual activity. Always consider your partner, it is not just about a ‘fumble in the dark’. Above all, sex should be safe, enjoyable, and part of life.

The Condom People provide a wide range of lubricants for both vaginal and anal purposes, natural and plant based our part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible aids. We even have lubricants that will suit vegans – we think of everything!

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