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November 30, 2020 2 min read

Playboy Condoms

Playboy is a brand that many of us recognise, as it’s prominent in popular media. One of the areas they’ve moved into is condoms. The American company is on a mission to create a culture where all people can pursue pleasure, and they’ve made their Playboy Condom range with this vision in mind.

They use premium quality products across their intimacy range, allowing you to take care of yourself and your partners’ health in pursuit of pleasure. They use premium latex and lubricant in all of their condoms, which are also vegan.

The Playboy Condoms Range

You’ll find a whole host of different products across the Playboy Condoms range, many of which we stock here are The Condom People. For just about any occasion, you can rely on Playboy Classic natural condoms, which are as reliable as they come.

For those looking to add some flavour into the bedroom, you’ll find a variety of different tastes, including strawberry condoms. Of course, you could also be seeking some extra sensation, which is where Playboy extra pleasure and dotted condoms come in handy. 

Every condom comes finished with premium silicone lubricant, which is smooth and safe to use. Playboy has also reduced the amount of carcinogenic nitrosamines in their products.

Fast Delivery

Whichever products you choose, you can rest assured that they’ll be delivered in a safe and discreet manner, straight to your door. There are a variety of shipping options available, meaning you can get fast delivery no matter where you are.

You can even get free delivery on your order. For customers in the UK, when you spend over a certain threshold, you’ll qualify for our free shipping service. For our international customers, there is also a range of options to choose from. Add your items to your basket and select the one that suits you best.

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