What’s the deal with latex-free condoms and vegan condoms?

December 12, 2020 2 min read

What’s the deal with latex-free condoms and vegan condoms?


There are many different types of condoms these days. We’ve come a long way since the first latex condom was invented in 1920, with all kinds of variations now available. As well as protecting against STIs and unwanted pregnancy, they can also enhance your sexual experience. However, although latex is certainly useful, it’s not perfect for everyone. We take a look at why condoms are made of latex, as well as why there are latex-free and vegan condoms available.

Why are condoms made of latex?

As we explored in our brief history of condoms, prophylactics have been around since ancient times. Often, these were made from animal products, such as bladders, intestines, and leather. In the 1850s, vulcanised rubber was used, as it was smooth, strong, and malleable. However, in 1920, latex was invented by suspending rubber in water.

Latex soon became the go-to material for condoms. It was thinner and stronger than rubber, and it also had a longer shelf life and could be mass-produced. Ever since, latex condoms have been the standard and have changed very little. 

Why choose latex-free condoms?

So, given how useful and versatile latex is, why would you choose a latex-free condom? Well, perhaps the main reason is that some people can have allergic reactions to latex. The symptoms and severity can differ between people, but it can ruin the moment. According to Healthline, symptoms of a latex condom allergy can include itching, redness, bumps, swelling, hives, and/or a rash.

By choosing latex-free condoms, you can ensure that you avoid such a reaction. Whether you or your partner are sensitive to latex, you can choose an alternative that’s going to keep you safe and not ruin the moment. There are several options available, and latex-free condoms are often made from either polyurethane or polyisoprene.

Are condoms vegan?

Making ethical choices is important to many people, so how about when it comes to condoms? Well, latex itself isn’t made from animal products. However, many manufacturers use casein, a milk protein, to make the latex softer and more pliable. Obviously, this raises concerns for vegans.

There are other issues too. Because condoms are medical devices, many companies will test on animals to make sure they’re safe. Some brands even make lambskin condoms. Both of these issues are ones that some people want to avoid. Thankfully, there are options.

There is a growing market for vegan condoms. Brands like Skyn and Pasante both make them, and the former are approved by the Vegan Society. None of their products contains any animal derivatives.

Which condoms should I choose?

The fantastic thing about having such a broad range of condoms is that you have the benefit of choice. Not only can you choose a condom that’s safest for you and your partner, but you can also make ethical decisions.

Here at The Condom People, we want to give our customers as much freedom as possible. That’s why you’ll find all kinds of latex-free and vegan condoms alongside our latex offering. Start experimenting today and find your new favourites!

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