Vegan condoms the Answer to the UK’s growing allergy problem!

July 31, 2020 3 min read

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Love you to Death - Why vegan condoms are the Answer to the UK’s growing allergy problem!


If you polled the folk of the UK on their biggest passion killer, you would receive a variety of weird and wonderful responses including bad breath, peculiar noises and your partner using the name of their ex. Although these are all certainly off-putting, none will kill the moment quite like an allergic reaction to a condom.

Great chemistry - Not chemicals

Although there are no hard (excuse the pun) and fast figures, it’s estimated that one in one thousand people in the UK are allergic to latex - which can be problematic when you consider that around 80% of condoms are made with this chemical based material.

Although most allergy sufferers experience only mild symptoms such as a slight irritation, in severe cases, an allergy to latex can result in deadly anaphylaxis, a severe reaction which can cause vomiting, shortness of breath and the closing of the throat. 

Figures show that an increasing number of British people are developing allergies in adulthood including hay fever, food intolerances and reactions to materials such as latex. These allergies can appear without warning and will often require some form of lifestyle change.

The good news is that vegan condoms which can solve this problem are now available from The Condom People. As well as providing a helping hand for those with latex allergies, vegan condoms have several other benefits, including:

Glyde Vegan Condoms - Cola Flavour Vegan Condoms - The Condom People

A very vegan lifestyle

As well as containing latex, most condom manufacturers use a milk protein called casein to soften the material of their products. As casein is an animal product, these condoms are not suitable for the vegan lifestyle. Vegan condoms, such as the Glyde brand from our online store, are 100% plant based and are free of dairy, glycerine and parabens. The lubricant used is made of 100% paraben free silicone oil, making it completely chemical free. 

Raising more than a smile for the environment

In 2020, we are increasingly aware of the need to preserve our planet’s resources by cutting down on unnecessary plastics and other harmful materials. Unlike rubber or latex based versions, vegan condoms are biodegradable and can even be composted. Glyde condoms are also supplied in packaging made from 100% recycled - and recyclable - cardboard and vegetable inks. 

Animal magnetism

In this day age, there is really no excuse for animal cruelty but, despite this, many companies continue to test their cosmetic and domestic products on our furry friends. Unlike a lot of commercial latex-based condoms, vegan condoms are not tested on animals - for the ultimate love-in.

Gives you the feel

Put simply, many people believe that vegan condoms just feel more comfortable and more natural which, when you think about it, is plain common sense. After all, most of us would prefer the feel of a pair of silk gloves to that of a pair of Marigolds!

The brand we swear by is Glyde, who after years of research were the first company to bring vegan condoms to market. These vegan condoms are available in a range of colours, sizes and flavours including Wildberry, Cola, Strawberry and Blueberry and are 100% vegan and 100% recyclable.

Environmental Conscience

Vegans know about environmental conscience, but you don’t have to practice veganism to use these condoms. Try them anyway, for comfort and fit, and you won’t be disappointed. The condoms have been Vegan Society certified since 2006 and this is why The Condom People want to work with Glyde.

Want to ask an expert? We can give you full information on any of our condoms at the click of a button or via our contact page. We are here to help.

Vegan Personal Lubricants

We mention condom brands but don't forget Vegan lubricants may also help reduce allergies.  Take a look at the range of Vegan Lubricants we have here at The Condom People, Loving JoyYesSLiquid

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