Picking the right type of condom is like navigating sex for the first time! With the choices available you almost need a Masters Degree just to make sure you buy the right condom to ensure you get that First Class mark from your partner.   In this short guide we try to make life easier for you, we will help you navigate the options available in a jargon free way.

Before we go any further, remember condoms are delicate, handle them with care, the right lubricant can make your sex life even more fun. If a condom breaks whilst using it put a new one on. Condoms can be used on sex toys also not just an erect penis.

Click on any of the headings below to see our range of appropriate condoms.

These condoms are like a second skin, these condoms can hardly be felt, they are often super thin and you won't even be able to tell your wearing it.

Not every strong condom is super thick, some are naturally quite thick, but there are a number of brands offering strong but thin condoms.

There are loads of condoms that have extra bumps, ribs and even different patterns on them to help provide extra stimulation. Just remember you may need to use a little more lubricant.

If you like to use a condom during oral sex, why settle for that nasty tasting lubrications flavoured condom. Try out a flavoured condom, your partner when sucking you will no doubt appreciate a bit more flavour in their mouth.

Coloured condoms come in a complete spectrum of colours, we have seen red, blue, batman logo's, glow in the dark (useful if you want to check your condoms still on). These are novelty so make sure they meet all the safety standards.

Non Lubricated Condoms

For those who are allergy aware, non-lubricated condoms make good sense, you can add your own lubricant inside the condom and out so you know you won't get an allergic reaction.   Try a flavoured lube or warming lube, it will add some fun.

Edible Condoms

So if you like oral sex and want to have a bit of fun, try out an edible condom.   Do not assume these will protect you against anything, they are novelty, but they are fun to try, just watch your teeth as your chewing. A visit to A&E for a torn banjo string really isn't going to be pleasant.

Desensitising condoms help guys take longer to climax, or cum if we cut to the chase.   Desensitising condoms often have numbing gel in them, so make sure you don't have a skin allergy before using them.   No one wants a crusty penis coming near their holes.

Vegan Condoms, that right there are condoms that are specifically made for vegans. There are some that are certified by the Vegan society and some that claim to be vegan friendly.   The choice is yours to make but stick to the Vegan society recommended condoms to be certain they are true Vegan Condoms.

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to condoms.   Some guys need longer condoms, some guys need extra wide condoms. Some guys need narrower girth condoms but bigger head condoms. Large and Extra Large Condoms will often be the best port of call.

Most penis fall into 7 widths from 47mm to 69mm. We all enjoy a 69 don't we, but seriously an extra wide girth isn't for everybody.   Brands now make sure they tell you the width of your condom so you get a good fit.

If you have an allergy to Latex or if your partner does, then Latex Free condoms are for you. If your not sure about your partners allergies, why not just buy latex free condoms to be on the safe side.