About The Condom People

Delivering branded and quality assured condoms and lubricants to all, helping improve both sexual health and sexual experience.

Who Are We

We are a London based company, selling branded Condoms & Lubricants from respected and trusted brands. We only sell condoms that meet United Kingdom quality and Safety Standards.

Our Story

Founded in 2019 as a sister site to It's About The Man. From research and customer feedback we found our customers wanted to buy Condoms & Lubricants but didn't always want to buy from and adult website. So The Condom People was born.

Our Approach

Simply put our approach is not to lecture, not to judge and not to discriminate. We aim to offer a website that is clean and simple to use, products that matter to you, fair prices and an experience that make you want to fall in love with us as much as your play mate.


Ok, so a little play on words, but lets be honest using a condom will help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and also helps in the fight toward reducing the number of newly diagnosed HIV cases. Add a little lubricant to the condom and you can play a bit longer, reduce frication and protect the vagina or anal passage from small tears. Condoms and Lubricants will help you play, help you rest as you are unlikely to contract an unwanted infection or have an unwanted pregnancy all leading to a positive mind which means you can focus on work. There was logic in our message!

12 Types of Condoms

Do you know the different types of condoms?


Which lubricant will do the job? Let our guide help!


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