Our Story

Buying condoms and lubricants has always stigmatised, embarrassing or frowned upon – but why, good sexual health should be considered a necessity. The Condom People was born out of research by the founders from their sister site It’s About a Man. Research and customer feedback revealed that people did want to have to go into a shop to purchase condom or from an adult website, which is where The Condom People was born – to put the fun back into safe sex.

Our Values

Our values are simple – we are not trying to change the world, just open it. We want to create an exclusive culture of warmth, support and honesty.

Having fun is part of our very nature – it’s what makes the world go around; we are adventurous and open minded (we wouldn’t work in this industry if we weren’t). We want to encourage you to feel safe, inquisitive and free.

However, having fun does not mean we’re not serious about what we do – we are serious. We are serious about sexual health and safety and we are serious about our relationships. We are serious about building relationships with each other, our customers, supplies and everyone else we meet on our journey.

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