enjoy your stay

by the condom people

enjoy your stay  by the condom people

the condom people is a retailer of branded condoms and lubricants, sharing the message that safer sex can be fun.

In studies, some men complained that ‘condoms tend to slip off’ while others think they’re too tight. Having a range of sizes available encourages use.

UK government data showed that 47% of sexually active young people said they had had sex with someone new for the first time without using a condoms.                  

Evidence shows that condoms are around 98% effective in preventing pregnancies and STI transmission when used correctly.

enjoy your stay

by the condom people is our bespoke offering for hotels. We have curated a thoughtful selection of quality branded, safer sex options for your guests.


We provide a hassle-free, on-demand product offering that saves you time, money and effort.

we recognise all guests are individuals

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve curated a product selection just for you. With allergies on the rise and veganism gaining momentum, we ensure all products supplied are vegan and allergy-friendly.

This means you can show your guests that you care. Providing guests with the choice of size when using safer sex products is as important as giving the option to upgrade from a standard room to a suite. After all, comfort and size matter!

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