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Lubricant Subscriptions

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Every month (or whenever you want) we will send you a top up box, so you never run out of lubricant when you really need it.  With multiple options available to ensure you have lubricants that have the right amount of slip.


skip it, use it or increase it

You’ve got total control over what shows up each month. Increase the amount of lubricant you receive, skip a month, cancel anytime or leave it as it is.


our packs and contents

Each of our subscriptions contain a minimum amount of lubricant as highlighted beside the box names.   We will also add extra little surprises to your monthly boxes.  

occasionally lucky - 30ml+
frequently fruity - 50ml+
daily dipper - 100ml+
high performer - 250ml+
sexerciser - 500ml+

discretion and delivery

All of our subscription boxes are delivered in a plain cardboard box, whilst we would love to tell the world your having regular sex, thats for your to shout and scream about and not the postman.  Our postage labels do not mention condoms or lubricants and contain the name of our warehouse so no one will figure out what's inside.