My Size 49 Condoms - Natural Latex Condoms 3 Pack

Size Guide
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    Too large of a condom and you risk the condom slipping off during sex, yet too tight and there is an increased risk of the condom tearing during sexual activity leading to unplanned pregnancies and sexual infection transmission, as well as potential erectile dysfunction in the long-term.

    With MY.Size condoms you can have better fitting condoms delivering you greater sensations, pleasure and confidence during sex. These Vegan condoms are 100% natural latex and are lubricated for ease of use.
    My.Size place maximum pleasure and safety at the core of their products, offering a sophisticated printable sizing guide as well as a mobile App.

    Available in 7 different sizes: 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64 and 69.

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    Delivered to your door in discreet packaging by The Condom People.