PlayBoy Strawberry Flavoured Condoms Pack of 12

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PlayBoy Strawberry Flavoured Condoms Pack of 12

Make your next sexual night fruity, adventurous and safe with these PlayBoy Strawberry Flavoured Condoms.

STDs can still be transmitted through oral sex, so these condoms that are individually electronically tested provide the best protection possible without compromising any of the sweet sensations of lovemaking. Resovir tip, straight and made with premium quality latex.

Product Details

    Length: 180mm
  • Girth: 108mm
  • Width at Base: 54mm
  • Width at Base of Head: 54mm
  • Width at Head: 54mm
  • Thickness:
  • Shape: Straight
  • Tip: Teat
  • Lubricant Type: Silicone
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Colour:
  • Certification: ISO 4074
  • Features: